Long before becoming a Game Designer, Keith Quinn enjoyed a couple of years as a comic illustrator. Video game designer is his current passion and profession, but Keith still finds time to create comics now and again.


Playtime Projects online comic

September 16, 2007

Playtime Projects is an online comic from Hurm Studio by Keith Quinn, about a children's show, its cast, and their shenanigans. It's childish fun in the heart of the Imagine Nation. No, that's a lie. It's mostly about a bunch of foul-mouthed puppets at a dysfunctional children's show.

Keith wrote the comic and created all its vector-based artwork. (He even created the website!)

New strips are still published periodically at www.playtimeprojects.com on an irregular basis, if you can believe it.

Read Playtime Projects at www.playtimeprojects.com.

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Local Heroes online comic

May 2, 2005

Local Heroes centers on Squire, a powerless sidekick struggling to keep up with his super-powered mentors. It's an all-ages online comic from Hurm Studio by Keith Quinn that you can read from the start at www.localheroes.us.

Keith wrote, penciled, and inked the comic. He turned Local Heroes into two print comic books and a coloring book. He even created the website, located at www.localheroes.us.

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Heroes Incorporated comic book

March 1, 1995

Heroes Incorporated® is a comic from Hurm Studio by Keith Quinn, centering on Grenadier and the Heroes Incorporated super-team as they race to rescue a wealthy businessman's kidnapped grandson.

Keith wrote, penciled, and inked the comic. The initial two-part story was published by Double Edge publishing, Keith later published both parts, plus insights into the unpublished follow-up story, in one volume.

Find out more about Heroes Incorporated at the Hurm Store.

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