Pocket Legends

While working for Spacetime Studios, Keith Quinn contributed simultaneously to the development of four free-to-play massively-multiplayer online games (including anthropomorphic fantasy-based Pocket Legends), playable on all mobile platforms and PC browsers. His work included creating dungeon levels with enemies, boss fights, quest and their rewards, and achievements.


Forgotten Treasure Dungeon

May 30, 2012

Editing the final boss room. Click for a larger image.

Editing the map of the dungeon. Click for a larger image.

Home of the dungeon's questgiver. Click for a larger image.

Keith was responsible for the Forgotten Treasure special event dungeon in Pocket Legends, including map editing, item reward creation, and enemy NPC creation and scripting.

The Forgotten Treasure dungeon was for a limited-time event that focused on players "bashing" treasure chests for gold. The event needed to be both repeatable and scalable based on player levels. Keith created alternate versions of the dungeon to keep things interesting for players; the higher the level of the player, the more "tiles" and the larger the Forgotten Treasure dungeon.

Along with expanding the list of enemies and introducing random qualities to how they spawned in the world, Keith randomized the treasure chests to sometimes become chest-shaped monsters that would fight back when attacked. He enhanced two of boss fights and added an achievement reward for killing the tougher one. I created a large set of powerful weapons (spanning all player levels) that players could loot from their enemies.

Keith created a special entrance in the primary town that was visible and easily accessible to all players. After the event concluded, the entrance was closed but the decorations were updated. An NPC was left behind to give players fiction-based closure as well as a custom "thanks for playing" gift to all participating players.

Tags: multiplayer, Spacetime Studios