Star Legends

While working for Spacetime Studios, Keith contributed simultaneously to the development of four free-to-play massively-multiplayer online games (including science fiction-based Star Legends), playable on all mobile platforms and PC browsers. His work included creating dungeon levels with enemies, boss fights, quest and their rewards, and achievements.


Scorn Crusade Boss Fight

September 19, 2012

The boss fight. Click for a larger image.

Editing the boss fight "room." Click for a larger image.

The quest-giver. Click for a larger image.

Keith created the boss fight at the end of the second part of the "Scorn Expansion" for Star Legends, which included map editing, enemy NPC creation, scripting, and writing.

After clearing out the preceding enemies, and moving into the "end room" of the dungeon, players witness a live display that signals the start of the boss fight. A meteorite crashes into the ground in front of them, knocking them back if they were close enough. A small dust cloud bursts from the impact site, spawning a small permanent crater as well as the boss--who immediately engages in combat with the players.

Assuming players survives long enough, several things happen each time the boss's health score drops to one of three thresholds (85%, 55%, and 25%). First, the boss ceases fighting, surrounds itself with a forcefield effect, and becomes invulnerable for 20 seconds. Around the same time, the shadow of an alien dropship passes across the terrain and six challenging minions appear--a randomized mix of melee warriors, deadly rifle snipers, and knockback-inducing grenade throwers. Whether the minions were killed or not, the boss will cease being invulnerable after the 20-second timer ends. Killing the boss unlocks the exit teleporter and concludes the dungeon.

The quest contact is be the highest ranking NPC in the game. Keith gave him the rank of "Admiral" and worked on his dialogue, improving content while also giving him a stronger, more unique and memorable personality.

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