Star Wars: The Old Republic

Keith Quinn was a Game Designer for four years on Star Wars: The Old Republic is a AAA title, a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game enjoyed worldwide on Windows PCs. He created fun and engaging fiction-driven single- and multiplayer encounters in all open world areas. Also, he oversaw the implementation of all fast-travel and utility systems on all game worlds.


Ord Mantell Boss Fight Scene

December 20, 2011

Close at the scene. Click for a larger image.

Approaching the scene. Click for a larger image.

The scene from a distance. Click for a larger image.

Keith created a special boss fight scene on the planet Ord Mantell for Star Wars: The Old Republic, which included map editing, enemy NPC creation, and scripting.

Off the main path into Mannett Point is a rarely-traveled beach, home to a powerful boss forcing two victims to dig up a powerful artifact. I set up this "open world" boss to be one of the first such fights in the game.

Players might engage several creatures and probe droids before approaching the location. The scene itself is clear of all enemies except the boss. A short distance from the boss are a small rocks and a speeder bike, useful for those players who use the game's cover system for combat.

As players engage the boss, the NPC victims run for the hills. The boss is a difficult, but not too challenging, encounter for one player. A few minutes after combat concludes, the scene resets itself.

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